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I'm an adventurous soul in my late twenties and would do just about anything to be outside at all times. I'm a laugher and treat sessions like my own little *stand up* routine. Humor, love, and art feed off of each other in my world, and creating stories from love that feels the same ignites my soul.

I'm Mackenzie -

But my friends call me Kenz

Real and believable stands the test of time -

Love, Mackenzie

I'm unsure what it is about being an artist but within the first few minutes of meeting someone they always ponder where my journey in photography began. I'm sure you're wondering the same reading this under the subtitle "my story."  I wish I could tell you I had one of those life-altering moments where I couldn't stop seeing signs to photograph love and human connection at every turn. But for me, it was a slower burn than that. As a middle child and member of a huge family, growing up was chaotic, loud, and never boring. Getting a little lost in the pack gave me the perfect chance to observe - how people react, who they cling to, what makes them comfortable, and especially how they love. It took years from my childhood (I was 22) until I had the idea to take photos for myself and realized I might have a knack for art. From the first wedding I second shot after having a camera for only a few months, I knew I could never look back.

As a product of a raucous household I found comfort and safety in small moments of bliss. I approach your wedding day the same way. I'm not in the business of reenacting moments. Capturing a quick tender moment you would've previously missed, even if everything isn't just-so, is what photography is about for me. Often times the realest moments are the imperfect ones anyway. 


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